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Realize the benefits of reduced costs, schedule flexibility, and top-notch training for your own team with STRATA-G modification and maintenance services.

Modification and Maintenance Field Teams

Maintenance, Upgrade & Modification Field Teams

  • Customer Site Maintenance, Upgrade, and Modifications
  • Customer Site Engineering and Training Support
  • Customer Site Surface Preparation and Painting

Leveraging What We Already Do.

Strata-G offers maintenance, upgrade & modification field teams.STRATA-G engineers already work on the very cutting edge of weapons system prototype engineering, modification, install, and provisioning. Unlike other companies who work on older systems using long-standing technical manuals, STRATA-G is deeply ingrained in the effort to design new systems; fabricate prototypes; engineer the install plan; install, test, and maintain the prototypes; then update the technical manuals for new systems. When new systems are placed into the fleet, the manuals are new, the maintenance procedures are new, and the field service personnel need training to maintain the system, assistance with maintenance, and engineering support for further modification installs. STRATA-G excels at providing this type of support. We provide the on-site modification install and upgrades and then we provide training on these new systems with extensive engineering reach-back!

The Benefits of On-Site Service Support.

Instead of having to fly their aircraft away to a large maintenance site for work, we offer our customers a deployed team of maintenance modification, install, and unit training experts, possibly with engineering augmentation or at the very least the benefit of engineering reach-back availability. The benefit to the customer includes cost, schedule, and training improvements.

Cost Benefits.

Cost benefits include the cost of transporting the aircraft to the main base site including fuel, pilot and crew chief time, and loss of use of the aircraft for extended periods while you wait for work completion and return. Our teams come to your site on your schedule!

Schedule Benefits.

The schedule benefit to our customer is that you do not lose the use of the weapons system except during the maintenance modification install effort. Your weapons system does not sit on the ramp awaiting work. We come to you, and we come to work!

Training Benefits.

Our customers receive significant cost, schedule, and training benefits.Our customers get the additional benefit of our personnel providing training to their organic cadre of technicians. As an adjunct to our maintenance modification and install service, we will train your organization personnel to perform the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repair effort by themselves in the future. Providing unit personnel with the ability to maintain and repair the weapons system, whether training at home station or deployed into the combat theater, is a key concern of Maintenance Organization Commanders. Our training is first rate and effective, increasing system availability and effectiveness!

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as9100 CertifiedSTRATA-G and our team of engineers, CAD designers, modification specialists, and technical staff have a diversified past performance background on a myriad of Department of Defense (DoD), Federal and Commercial platforms. Successful past performance is a key discriminator that separates the STRATA-G Team from other companies. Read More

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