Engineered Product Solutions

Strata-G Solutions, Inc. in Agreement to Acquire Local WestWind Companies.

Strata-G Solutions, Inc.’s acquisition of WAI and WTI will combine Strata-G’s expertise as a lead systems integrator providing design, engineering, and hardware solutions, with WAI/WTI’s robust manufacturing, aviation integration, and logistics experience. Once completed, Strata-G will encompass over 400,000 square feet of Huntsville, AL, based facilities with expansive manufacturing equipment to fulfill our customers’ requirements.…

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Strata-G awarded AN/AAQ-24V DIRCM task from Summit Aviation, Inc.

Strata-G Solutions, Inc. was awarded a task from Summit Aviation, Inc. to design and integrate an AN/AAQ-24 (V) Directional Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM) system onto a MH-47G aircraft.  In addition, Strata-G is also responsible for providing the level-III Technical Data Package (TDP) as part of a Modification Work Order (MWO) package.

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uh-60 blackhawk

Strata-G was Key Contributor to UH-60V Initial Test Flight

Strata-G Solutions, Inc. was instrumental in contributing to the successful January 2017 initial test flight of the Army’s first UH-60V prototype Blackhawk aircraft.  Strata-G, as a team member to the Redstone Defense Services joint venture, was responsible for designing and executing the integration of the Northrop Grumman Integrated Avionics Solution into the cockpit.  As such,…

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Strata-G awarded TOGA UAV task from GECO, Inc.

Strata-G Solutions, Inc. was awarded a task order from GECO, Inc. to redesign and update the Tactical Open Government-Owned Architecture (TOGA) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) hand-held controller.  The effort involves redesign of the TOGA controller to accommodate the functionality of the RQ‐11B Raven and RQ‐20A Puma Ground Control Station (GCS) hardware components and delivery of…

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Strata-G awarded U.S. Coast Guard Human Systems Integration (HSI) / Human Factors Engineering (HFE) BPA

Strata-G Solutions, Inc. was awarded the U.S. Coast Guard Human Systems Integration (HSI) / Human Factors Engineering (HFE) Blanket Purchase Agreement, HSCG23-16-A-PSW004.  The HSI/HFE BPA has a funding ceiling of $9.1M over a five-year  (base + options) period of performance.  Strata-G offers Coast Guard customers our highly regarded, technically astute HFI/HSI Team, robust processes, and ISO/AS…

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Beth Whitaker

Beth Whitaker named CEO/President, Strata-G.

Beth Whitaker joins Strata-G Solutions, Inc. as CEO/President; Strata-G achieves designation as Woman- Owned/Native American Owned Small Business.  Strata-G continues to focus on providing our customers with the highest quality, integrated product solutions, while assisting in meeting their small business goals.

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Strata-G’s Human Systems Integration Capability Growing by Leaps and Bounds

Within the core of Strata-G Solutions, Inc.’s engineering capability lays expertise in Human Systems Integration, including Human Factors and System Safety Engineering. Supporting user-centered design for the warfighter in ground systems, aviation and remote/tele-control operations; Strata-G’s HSI department has consistently provided design guidance and implementation to support an efficient end user experience.  Through our Human…

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